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CSDS MEP: transforming maternity teams through more than just training

The Maternity Education team at CSDS is pleased to share the ongoing success of the Maternity Emergency Program (MEP) in regional, rural, and remote facilities. Funded by the Rural and Regional Birthing Services 2023-24 budget, this program offers free, tailored training solutions designed to address the unique challenges faced by healthcare providers in rural and remote locations.

CSDS understands the importance of building trust and collaborating effectively with local teams. Here’s what Susara Saliba, Midwifery Educator from Mount Isa Hospital shared about their experience with the CSDS MEP program:

As a Midwifery Educator, at first, I wasn’t sure what CSDS could add to our already functioning MEP program and was initially hesitant to engage with their offer to assist us. However, once I accepted their offer, I realised that not only was I being supported, but that we could enhance our program astronomically with their assistance.

During the planning stage, the entire team: Jacob, MJ and Elisha were so incredibly supportive of my direction for MEP and took such a genuine interest in the unique needs of such a remote site. I felt so heard and validated by their support; not once did I feel like they were ‘taking over’.

On the day of training, all the additional equipment they provided was such a great help, and it was amazing to just have two extra sets of hands to set up and run the simulations themselves. The staff feedback to myself was wonderful, and they thoroughly enjoyed both MEP and WILB.

We are already in talks for the next time they visit us and have big plans that I’m confident we can execute with CSDS’ continued support. Also, the catering was such an extra treat.

Susara Saliba, Midwifery Educator

This positive feedback from Mount Isa is just one example of MEP’s ongoing success in empowering rural and remote maternity teams and improving the quality of care.

Contact the CSDS Maternity Education team today at to learn how we can tailor a program to meet the specific needs of your facility.