Clinical Skills Development Service

#SIMinar 3 – Queensland Trauma Education: Challenges for state-based training

Presented by Kimberly Ballinger, Simulation Educator.

In this five-part webinar series celebrating #HcSimWeek21, we are raising awareness about how healthcare simulation is leading us to safer and more knowledgeable patient care.

Some highlights from the webinar:

  • Presented a recording from the recent Australasian Trauma Society Conference – Trauma 2021, on the background, impetus and vision of Queensland Trauma Education.
  • Gave a quick walkthrough of the QTE website and the types of resources available.
  • Discussed how we address the challenges of distance when delivering high quality, consistent, and evidence based trauma education.
  • Discussed our approach to developing resources that are flexible to the multidisciplinary pre-hospital and hospital clinicians who care for, educate, and promote trauma care.
  • Discussed what’s next for QTE including on-the-road contextualised courses and additional resource kits coming soon.

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