Clinical Skills Development Service

#SIMinar 1 – Simulation Education: the backbone of CSDS

In this five-part webinar series celebrating #HcSimWeek21, we are raising awareness about how healthcare simulation is leading us to safer and more knowledgeable patient care.

Presented by: Belinda Faulkner, Nursing Director; Luke Wainwright, Assistant Nursing Director; Davin Arthur, Simulation Educator.

Here are some highlights from the webinar:

  • Maternity Education Program won the 2020 Metro North Health’s Staff Excellence Award in Training and Education and the 2021 Bond University Sustainable Health Care Award in Education and Health Literacy.
  • We launched Queensland Trauma Education (QTE) last 10 May 2021. The goal of QTE is to provide structured, relevant, and best practice care education that supports trauma care providers across the state. QTE was developed with the Jamieson Trauma Institute, Queensland Health Statewide Trauma Clinical Network, and Clinical Excellence Queensland following a wide range stakeholder consultation.
  • We took on the enormous task of managing Metro North Health’s Fit Testing Program.
  • We launched our Fellowship Program earlier this year. We welcomed Paul Krohn from the Australian Defence Force as our first Fellow.
  • We re-designed our Simulation Education Program as a response to changing times and advances in technology. The program provides comprehensive support for other simulation educators at all stages of their simulation education journeys.

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