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#HcSimWeek: meet our Sim Stars

Happy Sim Week! We will start Sim Week with a blog post that shines a spotlight on two invaluable members of our Simulation Team: Emma and Bill, both of whom bring unique backgrounds to their roles in CSDS.

Bill Nancarrow

CSDS Simulation Assistant Bill Nancarrow

Tell us about your career journey and what led you to CSDS?

I started off as an underground hard-rock miner. After that, I became a correctional officer. I’ve been working for Queensland Health since 2008. First in security and in 2011 I went into training. I trained all of the operational staff in basically how to be a wardie, how to be a cleaner, how to work in theatres, etc. And then I had the opportunity to go and work in theatres myself which I did for a few years. That led me to Surgical, Treatment and Rehabilitation Service (STARS) where I worked as the Senior Training Coordinator. After which I got offered an opportunity here at CSDS.

Share a couple of fun facts about yourself

I have dogs, chickens and I’m a beekeeper. I have both European and native bees. I’m also creative, for example if people come to me and say ‘Look, this is what I want’, I’ll go and think about it for half an hour or an hour or a couple of days. Then I’ll come back and make it. Just like how I made the fully enclosed uterus to replicate C-Section deliveries in Maternity Emergency Program (MEP) Advanced course by Queensland Maternity Education (QME). The new design has now been used for a few years.

Emma Semmens

CSDS Simulation Coordinator Emma Semmens

Tell us about your career journey and what led you to CSDS?

Before I studied nursing, I thought I wanted to be in the theatre and work as an actress. However, after realising that I actually enjoy working behind the scenes more, I wanted to be a Stage Manager. I chose to study nursing because I thought it was better to study something that will offer consistent income which will offer freedom to do what I want on my free time. I’ve been an ICU nurse for my entire career and started doing a bit of education about 4-5 years ago. I’ve been in the simulation space more full time this year. First at Redcliffe Hospital and now here at CSDS. And I think that it’s kind of a perfect mix of nursing, acting and stage managing when you are behind the scenes or doing all of the set ups and things. It feels like where I was meant to land and I guess in the end I did end up in a theatre.

Share a couple of fun facts about yourself

I’ve got two dogs, a cat, cockatiels, chickens and fish. My two-year-old child is in charge of them all. They all seem to listen to her.

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