Clinical Skills Development Service

Reshape healthcare with the CSDS Honorary Fellowship

The Clinical Skills Development Service (CSDS) is dedicated to enhancing healthcare through training, collaboration, and innovation. A key component of this vision is the CSDS Honorary Fellowship Program.

This Fellowship Program aims to support healthcare professionals aspiring to make a substantial impact on the future of healthcare. Its primary objective is to enhance the capabilities of Fellows and CSDS Simulation Faculty in implementing innovative changes in health services.

Through structured immersive experiences, it fosters the development of healthcare knowledge and expertise, sharing educational tools, diverse perspectives, and methodologies to elevate simulation delivery in clinical settings.

The CSDS Honorary Fellowship Program presents an exciting opportunity for healthcare professionals passionate about instigating change and fostering innovation within the healthcare system.

Participation in this program allows Fellows to augment their professional practice and academic pursuits with practical experiences. Furthermore, the Faculty Network provides a pathway for ongoing growth and contributions even beyond the Fellowship’s completion.

If you are enthusiastic about shaping the future of education, training, and patient safety in healthcare, the CSDS Honorary Fellowship Program could be the ideal platform for you.

For more information about the program or for any questions, please contact Beth Wray on