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New workshop: Water Immersion for Labour and Birth

Welcome to 2024, where we’re kicking off the year with another addition to our course lineup: the Water Immersion for Labour and Birth (WILB) face-to-face workshop. This course is tailored for midwives wishing to provide care for women opting for water immersion during labour and/or birth. Accredited by Australian College of Midwives (ACM), it also counts towards CPD hours, ensuring it’s a valuable investment in professional development.

The launch of the Water Immersion for Labour and Birth education package marks a significant achievement for Queensland Maternity Education (QME) facilitating improved access to water immersion for women across Queensland.

QME Program Director Megan Barker

Clinical Midwifery Consultant Jillian Clarke running the WILB Pilot workshop

The 4-hour face-to-face workshop builds on the foundations from Water Immersion for Labour and Birth Online (WILB-O) which was launched on the International Day of Midwives in 2023. During this immersive session, clinicians have the opportunity to apply and contextualise their knowledge through hands-on simulations. Whether delivered in our purpose-built birthing simulation space with a plumbed birth pool or as an in-situ simulation within a birthing facility, the workshop ensures an enriching experience.

WILB Pilot workshop 2023

Upon completion of the Water Immersion for Labour and Birth workshop, clinicians will be equipped to:

  • Demonstrate and discuss best practice principles for caring for a woman planning water immersion for labour and/or birth, including safety preparations required before water immersion/water birth.
  • Demonstrate care and assessment of women using water immersion for labour and birth, including Occupational Health and Safety considerations.
  • Navigate the care of the woman and baby as they exit the birth pool during the 3rd stage of labour.
  • Demonstrate effective care management during maternity emergencies in the context of water immersion.
WILB Pilot workshop 2023
Secure your spot now on our dedicated courses page. For more information, please visit the QME website. 

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