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New online course: trauma – acute compartment syndrome

Acute compartment syndrome is a time critical medical challenge that occurs when there is an increased pressure within a muscle compartment.  Timely intervention is important to prevent permanent nerve and muscle damage, ischaemic contractures, amputation, sepsis, rhabdomyolysis or death.

When acute compartment syndrome is recognised, and an appropriate fasciotomy occurs within 2 hours then recovery is almost 100%. If not, the complications can be devastating with delays in appropriate referral and treatment linked to significant complications.   

Compartment syndrome is becoming more prevalent. Past years have seen an increase in patients experiencing compartment syndrome who are admitted to Queensland hospitals for acute care.

In response to this escalating medical challenge, CSDS in collaboration with Queensland Trauma Education (QTE) and Jamieson Trauma Institute developed an online course Trauma – Acute Compartment Syndrome (T-ACS). This short online course is specifically designed to serve as an educational cornerstone for prompt intervention and improve patient care.

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