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CSDS continues online course development

The field of healthcare is constantly advancing. At CSDS we understand that staying current with the ever-evolving field of healthcare is vital for medical personnel. With the continuous emergence of new technologies, treatment methods, and research, it is essential to bridge the education gap.

The CSDS Team has been working to develop online courses that cater to the specific needs of healthcare professionals. Online courses at CSDS offer flexibility, accessibility, and convenience. This online format allows participants to enhance their knowledge and skills, working in a time and place that is most suitable for them.

Join CSDS’ new online courses in Defibrillation and more

The following courses are offered at no cost and present a short, yet insightful format.

Defibrillation and Other Uses for a Defibrillator (DEFIB)

Defibrillation is a critical procedure used in medical emergencies for patients experiencing ventricular fibrillation or pulseless ventricular tachycardia. Immediate defibrillation is vital for the patient’s survival, making this course a must for advanced life support understanding. Defibrillation and Other Uses for a Defibrillation (DEFIB) covers correctly placing pads, manual defibrillation, cardioversion, pacing, and safe defibrillator operation.

Monitoring Equipment (ME)

Electrocardiography, blood pressure measurement, pulse oximetry, and capnography are integral to advanced life support. Monitoring Equipment (ME) delves into the usage of these monitoring tools, and successful completion empowers learners to demonstrate their knowledge of correct electrode placement for three and five-lead ECG electrodes.

IV Iron Administration and Management (IVIRON-A)

The IV Iron Administration course is designed for individuals who administer intravenous iron and oversee the monitoring process during such administrations. This course covers various available iron formulations, tools to ensure safe administrations, best practices for cannulation, monitoring requirements for IV iron administration, and the necessary steps to take in case of a potential extravasation incident.

In addition to these newly developed courses, CSDS offers a selection of over 20 online courses which can be found on our dedicated courses page. 

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