Clinical Skills Development Service

Innovation in trauma care

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, staying at the forefront of innovation and collaboration is essential. For CSDS, this means not only showcasing our own work but also learning from others. Recently, CSDS participated in two events showcasing the intersection of healthcare, technology, and collaboration.

The first event was The Jamieson Trauma Institute’s annual showcase, which attracted over 250 attendees from diverse sectors such as health, academia, and government. At the event, CSDS and Queensland Trauma Education (QTE) showcased their collaborative work in the trauma space. Dr. Fran Williamson, the Clinical Lead for QTE, presented on improving trauma care education and discussed the development of the Acute Compartment Syndrome Course, now included in the CSDS online learning catalogue.

The second visit was to the Australian Defence Force (ADF) Deployable Hospital. This unique hospital structure, assembled and disassembled as part of ADF’s task readiness processes, serves as a vital training ground for ADF personnel. During the visit, CSDS members gained firsthand insights into the hospital’s operations, witnessing simulations and understanding the intricate processes involved in trauma care in field conditions. The ADF Deployable Hospital, with its quick assembly and comprehensive facilities, offers a glimpse into the challenges and innovations in trauma care outside traditional healthcare settings.

In conclusion, these experiences reinforce CSDS’ commitment to advancing trauma care education and practice, ensuring that healthcare professionals are equipped to deliver high-quality care in diverse settings and circumstances.