Clinical Skills Development Service

A Fellow’s journey at CSDS – development, innovation, and professional growth

Major Paul Krohn, Clinical Facilitator of Immersive Professional Training, talks about his journey through the CSDS Honorary Fellowship Program.

If you could use three words to describe the CSDS Honorary Fellowship Program, what would they be?

Developmental. Creative. Grounded.  

Tell us about your Fellowship experience – what was it like to work with the CSDS team?

Working with the various teams at CSDS was a source of amazing growth and development, personally and professionally. Its legacy on shaping my current worldview around simulation in healthcare, cannot be understated. Having the ability to reach out to the professionals in each of these teams was vital to providing context around my Fellowship journey, as well as heavily informing the development of my final project deliverable.  

What did you enjoy about the program?

I enjoyed contemporising the Fellowship workbook, and working with some formidable and caring individuals, in the profession of healthcare simulation.  

Has the Fellowship opened up any opportunities for you?

The Fellowship year was the inspiration I needed to commence a PhD at QUT, where I will be exploring the importance of context on skills acquisition and translation to clinical practice, to analyse the extent to which the simulated environment and real-world clinical environment approximate each other.  

Do you have any advice for future Fellows?

The centre is an awesome creative space! It captures the art and science of ‘doing things better’ and being surrounded by people with a shared consciousness of working together for one purpose, resonates with me and is something I see inestimable value in pursuing and indeed staying connected, post the Fellowship completion. 

What was the highlight of the program?

The highlight of the program was the opportunity to design, launch and deliver a moulage workshop that nests neatly in the suite of simulation provider courses at CSDS and representing CSDS by delivering a presentation at the Australasian Simulation Congress 2021.  

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